Friday, November 26, 2010

Volunteer form

“Volunteers Form”

1 Name of the Volunteer

2 Father Name

3 Age

4 Male or Female

5 Nationality

6 Address

7 Contact Number
Land Line and Mobile

8 Email

9 Qualification

10 Present your professional

10 Work experience in Developmental and Human rights

11 Any experience with children

12 Skills
Example:songs ,dance,Music,Art,Drama,Reporting,Web desining ,teaching etc..
13 Per month how many days you can contribute your time with us
• Weekly one day
• Monthly two days
• Monthly one day
• Other specify
14 What is your expectation with us

15 Date of Joining


Any one reference
17 What is your thinking on caste

18 What is the issue for women

19 Why some of children drop out from school ,what are the reason ….

Can you participate any organization or community events

21 Can you involve for fund raising

Deceleration: I am happy to join as a volunteer to READ organization .I will follow the READ organization policy.


READ could not able support any financial to volunteers. It is fully nonprofit and service based.

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